Mobile Iron Drum Rack

Obrack is a movable double oil drum rack meet pressure resistant barrels require turnover and temporary storage requirements.

oak barrel rack

Barrelrack is a product for when your wine oak barrels are afraid of being pressed and need safe transfer and no damage palletizing storages.

oak barrel rack

Selective pallet rack is the best choice for oil drum warehouses where access is frequent and a large number of different types of drums need to be sorted and stored.

IBC Liner Bag

Liquid container liner bag is a kind of softness container with good softness, light quality and high strength made by LLDPE. This IBC Liquid Liners can be used with liquid turnover box.

stainless steel ibc

The stainless steel chemical IBC tote tank is a product that is optimal for Class II high-hazard chemicals involving piecemeal unloading and storage, management, lifting, and long-distance transport of this medium-sized stainless steel liquid tank

Collapsible Metal IBC

The cold galvanised finish has good corrosion protection. The container is recyclable when used with a liquid bag. The folded container requires only one person.

Steel Drum Leak-Proof Pallet

Prevents oil leaks and receives oil trays. The forklift truck can be inserted in 4 directions and has a separate oil storage compartment.

oil drum steel pallet

Metal single face pallet is a product,which can be matched with firack to accomplish the frequent access and classified storage. Steel storage pallet can realize three-dimensional storage of oil barrels.

Vertical Drum Lifter

A vertical drum lifter can easily move and handle open or closed head loaded steel, plastic and fiber drums. Allows quick, gentle loading into over packs and keeps drums upright during lift, reducing spills and injuries.

bottled water rack

One bucket rack for multiple applications,Meet the needs of large quantities of buckets of water repeatedly transferred and safe stacked storage  bucket of  warter rack products

Plastic Drum spill Pallet

Plastic drum spill pallet the best choice for oil barrels, chemical barrels and strong acid barrels.

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