Mobile Iron Drum Rack


Mobile Iron Drum Rack

Obrack is a movable double oil drum rack meet pressure resistant barrels require turnover and temporary storage requirements. This modular barrel rack is your best choice at a low cost. It can hold up 2 pcs 55 gallon barrels at a time, if your barrel products have good bearing properties, you can use the barrel rack for stacking. The stackable double oil drum rack can be equipped with a mobile support to support the operator to transfer multiple oil drums safely. The mobile support has sufficient dynamic load support capacity. If your oil drum strength is high enough, you can transfer up to 4 oil drums at one time. The stacking rack is reserved for forklift slots, which can be easily lifted and moved by forklift to realize the movement and stacking of oil drums.

stackable drum rack
mobile stackable double drum rack

The the optimal choice of Low cost turnover of high
pressure oil drum and stacking storage

steel drum rack

Oil drum rack modular structure, convenient mutual conversion
between stacking storage and short distance turn over

Iron drum rack with wheel

Other specifications can be customized

mobile stackable double drum rack (2)

If your oil drums are strong enough, you can transport up to
4 fully loaded oil drums at a time.

55 gallon drum

The standard size is for 55 gallon oil drum

 · The bearing structure is optimized, and the maximum static load is 5T

 · Assembly design, easy to transport and easy to store,

product parameters table:

MaterialCarbon structural steel
Material markQ235
Advocate material specificationsSquare tube 50 x 50
Surface treatmentplastic spray
Dynamic load1000kg~1500kg
Static load1500kg~3000kg
castor5 “rubber wheel
Castor form2pcs swivel casters with brake, 2 fixed casters
Applicable to oil drum specifications200L (outer size 590×900)
Number of single-layer oil drums2
recommended to stack layers4 layers for static storage 2 layers with the bottom movable frame