Oil Drum Steel Pallet

steel pallet

Metal single face pallet is a product,which can be matched with firack to accomplish the frequent access and classified storage. Steel storage pallet can realize three-dimensional storage of oil barrels.

One drum steel pallet can be used with beam type, through type and gravity type racks and compatible with forklifts and hand pallet truck. The four-way insertion design improves the utilization of space and the convenience of operation for the iron pallet.

Steel pallet for supporting firack shelves complete frequent access and classified
storage, realizing three-dimensional storage of oil drums

oil drum steel pallet
steel pallet

The number of panels can be increased or decreased according to customer’s request.

steel pallet

Panel can be added to the bottom of the pallet according to actual loading products.

steel pallet

The pallet can be used on beam type rack, trough type rack and gravity type rack. Both folklift and hand pallet truck are applicative.

steel pallet

The 4-way insert design increase the space utilization and make it more convenient on operation.

In order to reduce the damage to the pallet caused by frequent forklift operation, rectangular tubes are arranged at both ends of the insertion direction to increase the service life.

The design of corrugated panel is conducive to improve the anti-skid effect and increase the load capacity of the panel but keep the weight light.

Both sides are processed with Angle wrapping edge, which enhances the surface effect of the pallet and reduces the risk of damage to the packaging.

Product delivery method

We provide standardized products, delivered by transport.

Product parameters table

Single Set LengthSingle Set WidthOverall Height2-way/4-waySurfaceCapacity (t)
L ( mm )W ( mm )H(mm)nnDynamicStatic
80012001574-wayPowder Coating2.04.0