Drum Spill Pallet

Plastic Drum spill Pallet
Plastic Drum spill Pallet

Plastic drum spill pallet the best choice for oil barrels, chemical barrels and strong acid barrels.
The oil drum spill deck can guaranteed safe and reliable solutions.

Lptray is the best choice for oil barrels, chemical barrels,extraction and anti-leakage of strong acid barrels and acid and alkali resistance.

The drum leakage proof platform is an invaluable tool for enterprise that need to safely and efficiently transfer for oil drums, chemical drums, strong acid drums.The drum modular spill containment is designed to prevent leaks and spills during pumping and filling, making it a necessary for industries that with potentially hazardous materials

Plastic Drum spill Pallet

Acid and alkali resistance. The anti-leakage tray is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to acid and alkali, making it an ideal tool for industries that deal with potentially hazardous materials.

Plastic Drum spill Pallet

Easy to use and maintain. The leak-proof pallet is easy to use and operate, can be transported by forklift, can be matched with other pallets and slopes freely, and the operation is flexible

Plastic Drum spill Pallet

Cost-effective. The anti-leakage tray is an affordable solution that can help to reduce the risk of costly leaks and spills, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes.

Plastic Drum spill Pallet

durability and reliability. Polyethylene material meets EPA 40CFR264.175 regulations

Versatility. The anti-leakage tray is capable of handling
a wide range of barrel sizes and types, making it a versatile
tool for a variety of industries and applications.

Plastic Drum spill Pallet
Plastic Drum spill Pallet
Plastic Drum spill Pallet

Product delivery method

We provide standardized products, delivered by transport.

Product parameters table

ModelIBC Anti-leakage tray for tons of barrels(D2)
Jack height110mm
Leakage120L/32us gal
Shelf loading600kg dynamic 1200kg
RemarksSuitable for 685 hydraulic vehicles, mobile forklifts