Lbox is such a recyclable foldable liquid tonnage container product that is dedicated to minimizing the cost of transporting
liquid products for our customers. If you have a ton of liquid to be transported, the cost of using the ton container product is
only the cost of disposable ton bag usage and disposal, the cost of forklift one-time handling, no need for 5 one-time
drums, no need for forklift repeated handling, no extra drum disposal cost. This process reduces the cost you pay in
transportation by up to 90%.
Our products are vertical square design, high space utilization, can replace the traditional iron drums and barrels; The
inner side can be attached to the liner bag (IBC Liner), each turnover tank can carry up to 1350KG (about 1200 liters) of
liquid goods.The liquid turnover tank has good structural hardness, the top lid can be sealed, can guarantee the safety of
goods effectively. No matter empty or loaded state, it can be stacked, which can effectively save space for transportation
and storage; At the same time, its size is specially designed for all kinds of transportation tools (including cold containers),
which can maximize the efficiency of logistics. Liquid turnover containers can be forked in four directions, and are easy to
fold and assemble.

Recycling use,
the best choice for liquid transport carriers rental

The solution to reduce the cost of liquid transport carriers by 90%,
with only one bag loss throughout the transport process

Procurement and processing costs


Procurement and processing costs


High stability, each product will be fully tested before leaving the factory

Leakage test
Hydraulic test
Drop test
Bottom lifting test
Stacking test
Vibration test

There is a separate discharge port
for easy unloading

The forklift road is thickened with
8mm steel plate for durability.

Aluminized zinc: Good impact resistance
and corrosion resistance.

Foldable, greatly reducing storage costs
and transportation costs when not working。

Product Delivery Method:

We offer standardized products, delivered by shipping.

Product parameters table:

External dimensionsInner dimensionsWeightLoading capacity
LengthWidthHeightInner LengthInner WidthInner HeightKGDynamic loadingStatic loading