Selective pallet rack

Beam type oil drum rack

Selective pallet rack is the best choice for oil drum warehouses where access is frequent and a large number of different types of drums need to be sorted and stored.

Beam rack can effectively increase the storage height and improve the space utilization of the warehouse. Support adjusting the height of the beam hanging. Supports horizontal and vertical storage management of oil drums. Intuitive visibility, 100% picking feature, and forklift access.

Barrel rack for frequent access to
oil drums and intuitive classification of different types of drums

Selective pallet rack
Selective pallet rack

Suitable for storing oil drums with many items and frequent access; can be matched with suitable span beams for drum-type goods

Selective pallet rack

With 100% cargo picking characteristics, handling machines such as forklifts can reach any specified cargo for storage operations.

Adjustable Options

Selective pallet rack

Ancillary facilities such as mesh laminates and steel plate laminates can also be added for the pallet rack.

Selective pallet rack1

The selective pallet rack is a combination structure, can be arbitrarily adjusted beam hanging height.

Product delivery method

We offer standardized products, delivered by shipping.

Product parameters table

Single Set LengthSingle Set WidthOverall HeightLayerAmountCapacitySurfaceTreatment
L(mm)W(mm)H(mm)nmT(kg)Powder Coating