stainless steel medium liquid bulk containers

Stainless Steel Medium Liquid Bulk Containers

The stainless steel chemical IBC tote tank is a product that is optimal for Class II high-hazard chemicals involving piecemeal unloading and storage, management, lifting, and long-distance transport of this medium-sized stainless steel liquid tank. Available in capacities from 350-550 gallons, Stainless IBC Tank is UN31A certified for the transport of flammable and combustible liquids.The whole of 1000L Stainless Steel Square Tank is made of stainless steel material, 304 stainless steel structure is durable and corrosion resistant, which can extend the service life and almost no maintenance is needed. At the same time, Stainless Steel IBC Tank has a large capacity, easy to take and send materials, suitable for long-distance transportation and long-term storage in the warehouse.Steel IBC Totes Tank has an overall inclined bottom, configured with pressure release device, can be completely discharged to avoid the contamination of recycled materials.

Stainless Steel Medium Liquid Bulk Containers

Class II high-risk chemicals storage

Unloading, storage, management, lifting and long-distance
transportation of Class II high-risk chemicals in a piecemeal ways

Stainless Steel Medium Liquid Bulk Containers

Scattered unloading
and storage, 4 levels
of stacking at full load

Forklift of lifting
pick and place

Meet the ocean
shipping requirement

UN 31A/Y certified

stacking test

Stacking Test

top lifting test

Top Lifting Test

drop test

Drop Test

pressure test

Pressure test

vibration test

Vibration Test

bottom lifting test

Bottom Lifting Test

Stainless Steel Medium Liquid Bulk Containers

Fusible Vent

Drum Cover

Lifting Lugs & Stacking Positioners 

Stainless Steel Construction

Sloped Bottom
1-Piece slopped bottom uniform and virtually complete drainage.

Ball Valve
low-profile ball valve with reverse stem and locking handle.

Product delivery method

Our products are standardized and delivered by transportation

Product parameters table

IBC tank
NO.configuration itemParameters
1Material304 stainless steel / 316 stainless steel
2Surface treatment processElectrostatic powder coating
3specification(L)1150*(W)1150 *(H)1170
4Transportation dimension(L)1150*(W)1150 *(H)1170
6Max working pressure0.02MPa
7Applicable specificationsHigh value raw materials and dangerous goods liquid, alcohol, water
8Capacity1 tons
9Stackable layers4 layers
10Loading quantities in container40’HQ: 40 sets