stackable barrel rack
Making liquid storage and transfer easy and efficient
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Making liquid storage and transfer easy and efficient
oak barrel rack
Making liquid storage and transfer easy and efficient
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Oak Barrel Rack

Barrelrack is the best choice for those of you who need safe transfer and damage free yard storage. Our oak barrel racks are designed not to be subjected to additional stress, shifting the location used for stacking stress from the barrel to the rack, stacking is stable and will not cause scattering even with additional vibration, reducing the safety hazards that can be caused by use.

barrel rack

Beam Type Storage Rack

The beam type storage rack is the best choice for oil drum warehouse, which can effectively increase the storage height and improve the space utilization of the warehouse in the case of frequent access and the need to classify and store a large number of different types of oil drums. Support to adjust the suspension height of the crossbeam. Supports horizontal and vertical storage management of oil drums. Intuitive visibility, 100% picking function, and forklift access.


Mobile Iron Drum Rack

Obrack is a removable double drum rack that meets the requirements of pressure resistant drums that need turnover and temporary storage. This modular drum rack is your best choice at a low cost. It can hold up to 2 55 gallon drums at a time and you can use this drum rack for stacking if your drum products have good load bearing properties. The stackable double drum rack can be equipped with a mobile stand to support the operator in safely transferring multiple drums


Collapsible Metal IBC

Lbox is a recyclable collapsible liquid tonnage container product, committed to minimize transportation costs for customers, liquid totes can be forked in four directions, and easy to fold and assemble, and has a good structural rigidity, the top can be sealed, whether empty or full state, can be stacked in the case of ensuring the safety of the goods, the perfect savings in transportation and storage costs. The efficiency of logistics can be maximized.


Stainless Steel IBC

Stainless steel chemical IBC totes are the best choice for Class II high-hazard chemicals involving piecemeal unloading and storage, management, lifting, and long-distance transportation of this medium-sized stainless steel liquid tank. Stainless steel IBC tanks range in capacity from 350-550 gallons and are UN31A certified for the transport of flammable and combustible liquids. The steel IBC totes have an integral sloping bottom and are equipped with a pressure relief device for complete drainage to avoid contamination of recovered materials.


IBC Liner Bag

IBC bags have the advantages of high tensile strength, puncture resistance, clean storage and transportation, low cost, etc. Mainly used for large capacity storage of syrup, dairy products, daily chemical, non-hazardous chemical products, etc., effectively Reduce customers’ product packaging and transportation costs.


Fork Mounted Poly Drum Handler

Oak bucket spreader is a special accessory of the forklift, which can make it easy and safe for the forklift to carry oak barrels. This fork mounted bucket carrier is particularly useful for breweries, breweries and other industries that use oak barrels for aging and storing liquids. The vertical bucket lifter has a firm and lightweight design and is easy to install on a forklift.


Oil Drum Steel Pallet

The mpallet is a metal single-sided pallet product that can be used with drums to complete frequent access and sorted storage. Steel storage pallets can realize three-dimensional storage of oil drums. Single drum storage steel pallet can be used with beam type, through type and gravity type racking, and is compatible with forklift and hand pallet truck. Four-way insertion design improves the space utilization of steel pallets and the convenience of operation.


Steel Drum Leak-Proof Pallet

Drum containment pallet is one such product that is optimal for leak-proofing oil drums during pumping and filling, while acting as a fire stopper. We designed this drum spill pallet with the application scenario in mind, and the double-sided full weld processing provides sufficient leak-proof performance. Four sides into the fork make it easy to forklift transfer.


Drum Spill Pallet

The Oil Drum Leak Proof platform is an invaluable tool for companies that need to safely and efficiently transfer oil drums, chemical drums, and strong acid drums. Oil drum modular leakproofing is designed to prevent leaks and spills during pumping and filling, making it a necessity for industries with potentially hazardous materials.


Bottled Water Rack

Fbwrack a product, which is to meet the demand of manufacturers who need to transfer a lot of small bottled water by bottled water rack, our 5 gallon water bottle rack is the best choice. The water jug storage rack can be fully loaded palletized storage. With large capacity it can hold 32 barrels for each transport, the barrel space is independent,no need to stack and take out in sequence. Save space.


Quality certification

MBC is committed to recognize and delivery customer needs reputably. We have got NAC environment manage certification in the summer 2015. This is an important milestone for our company. It proofs us persuing high quality industry promise. Now we have passed NAC certification already and still remember the promise of persuing high quality industry.

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